Abortion: Is it really a man’s decision?

23 May 2019

By Katie and Fiona

Abortion. An extremely controversial topic. Many states in America are trying to pass laws that ban abortion and stop women from being able to have a choice. This would mean that some young rape victims would be forced to keep their baby, forced to be a parent, forced to give up their education and possibly their future.

Abortions have always been around and banning them will not work. Without proper medical procedures, women just find ways to have abortions that are not so safe. It’s always a traumatizing process but in some cases must be done; however many politicians want abortion eradicated.

Reasons for and Against

There are many reasons that cause people to be for and against abortion: the question “Is it murder?” is widely discussed. Religion and life experiences can completely influence a person’s answer to this question. Does life start at the heartbeat? At the actual birth? At the initial stage of fertilization? The answer is really a matter of opinion. However, there is no denying it: abortion kills unborn fetuses.

Female pro-choice protesters hold signs that say things like "keep clinics open" and female figure stands in centre behind a podium that says "protect abortion access"

Lots of women have no choice apart from abortion. They may be financially unstable, mentally incapable, have an illness or be young and vulnerable. Rape is a reason why some women decide to have an abortion. Getting an abortion is not an enjoyable experience, nor is it something that a woman wants to go through, but it is often something that has to be done. If abortions are banned, it will increase the number of children being born to parents who can’t afford them, or who aren’t ready. The child will face many hardships in life if the mother is unable to care for it. Some children will end up in foster care: abused and traumatised.

The Heartbeat Bill

Many states in America have passed the heartbeat bill, which means that once the baby has a heartbeat at six weeks the mother can not have an abortion. At six weeks many women are not aware that they are pregnant since at this stage the fetus is the size of a pea. Is it right to criticize a woman for having an abortion when the ‘baby’ is that small? This means that, unless their life is at risk, pregnant women cannot get abortions, even if they have been raped or in cases of incest, no matter what their age. If a child gets raped should they be forced to carry a child of their own?

To conclude, it is just not possible for abortion to be banned; even if you are pro-life. This is because women will just take to other methods and the rates will probably not reduce. In countries where abortions aren’t permitted the rate of abortion is actually higher than in those where it is legalised.  Furthermore, late and dangerous illegal abortions will only lead to more suffering.

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