Brazil Humiliated by Germany

9 July 2014

By Yasmine

What an absolute disaster defeat! Brazil should be holding their heads in shame as Germany sailed their way through to the final.

Germany ripped Brazil to shreds and showed no signs of backing off. Brazil knew it was game over when Muller scored Germany’s first goal in the eleventh minute.  The Germans scored an embarrassing five goals in the first half. Germany player, Andre Schurrle, came out on form in the second half and scored another two goals within ten minutes of each other, taking the score to a humiliating 7-0.

Oscar clearly thought he had a point to prove and scored Brazil’s first goal in the 90th minute, a little too late mate. Although we do have to give Brazil a little credit, as they maintained 49% ball possession in the painstaking 90 minutes. Brazilian fans were less than impressed when it came to half time, as the booed their own team off the pitch. Without Neymar being present on the pitch, it made Germany’s win even more sweet.

Last night broke a nation’s heart.

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