Fast food chain Burger King claims to have created a burger for Halloween which will increase your chance of having a bad dream. The ‘Nightmare King’ burger consists of a beef patty, a chicken fillet, cheese, bacon, onions and mayonnaise all inside a green bun.

Now we know what you’re thinking: a burger that gives you nightmares is exactly what no one wanted or asked for.

Burger King isn’t just calling this burger the Nightmare King for no reason- the chain has done its research. Partnered with Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Burger King carried out a study of 100 people over 10 nights. The results showed that participants’ chances of nightmares increased 3.5 times after eating the burger.

The study’s lead doctor, Dr Jose Gabriel Medina, stated that it was the cheese and combination of proteins in the burger which caused “an interruption of the subjects’ REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles, during which we experience the majority of our dreams.”

We’d advise you take Burger King’s claims with a pinch of salt.

The British Cheese Board has long dispelled the myth that cheese causes nightmares if you eat it before bed. The organisation posted this statement on its website:

‘A British Cheese Board study asked 200 volunteers to eat 20 grams of hard cheese about half an hour before they went to bed.  None of the participants experienced nightmares, in fact, most recorded a good night’s sleep with pleasant dreams. Interestingly the type of dream experienced appeared to be influenced by the type of cheese eaten.’

Furthermore, companies that conduct their own research into food items generally ensure the results look after their own interests. A scientific review found that industry-funded research into nutrition was often biased in favour of its sponsors.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has come up with a quirky food item. In 1998, it released the Left-Handed Whopper burger as an April fools prank.