Celebrities Say No to Criticism

6 March 2014

By Yasmine

Lily Allen, along with many other celebrities, has stood her ground and said TV shows, magazines, newspapers and websites should stop criticising celebrities. The ‘Air Balloon’ singer said the media is ‘making people feel bad about their bodies’. Lily’s comments came around after actress and filmmaker, Lena Dunham, said websites and TV shows get too personal with their opinions of stars.

TV shows such as E!’s Fashion Police are said to be responsible for making celebrities feel uncomfortable. Lena Dunham went on to say ‘the conversation needs to be about clothing and it doesn’t need to be about shaming people about their bodies, finances or their partners’.

Other celebrities such as David Gandy and singer, Laura Mvula, say they don’t listen to criticism and they don’t watch TV shows which focus on what celebrities wear on the red carpet.

Celebrities are still human at the end of the day.



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