Childhood Obesity

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2 February 2015

By NEBeep

The rapid rise in childhood obesity may be starting to slow down but there are still areas for concern when it comes to the health of our nation. There has been a 37% rise in the past decade when it comes to childhood obesity and with the number of obese people in the UK trebling in the last 25 years, it is understandable where these concerns come from.

Statistics now show that one in three children are overweight and one in five are obese.

The statistics published by the Archives of Disease in Childhood show that obesity levels amongst  2-5 year olds have remained relatively stable at 25% for boys and 23% for girls between 2003-2013, figures that are still quite astonishing. However 30% of 6-10 year old’s were obese or overweight during that same time period.

Perhaps kids need to get out and play sport or just play out rather than spend their time on their computers.

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