At his first speech at Labour’s Annual Conference, Jeremy Corbyn launched a searing attack on the right-wing media after weeks of being scrutinised.

Corbyn has been criticised for everything from not attending the Rugby World Cup to not singing the national anthem. As well as this, his ‘unprofessional’ dress code and laid-back attitude have been picked apart in newspapers like The Times, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and more. Well, the former backbencher has had enough and he’s serious about it too.

Starting with the Daily Mail, Mr Corbyn fired back at claims he ‘welcomed the prospect of an asteroid attack’. He had this to say about the Mail‘s headline: “Now, asteroids are pretty controversial and it’s not the kind of policy I’d want this party to adopt without a full debate in conference, so can we have the debate later in the week?”

While the comedic approach from the Labour leader was a laughing matter, his stinging attack on a report in The Times was not. The article in question referred to Mr Corbyn – who is known for his cycling – as riding a “Chairman Mao-style bicycle”.

“Less thorough journalists might have referred to it as just a bicycle, but no, so we have to conclude that whenever we see somebody on a bicycle from now on, there goes another supporter of Chairman Mao,” he joked.

However, it’s not Corbyn’s first attack on the media. In his leadership acceptance speech, he warned the media to leave his family and close friends alone, as they were not the ones who had chosen to become a leader, or to go into politics. After his predecessor, Ed Miliband, had a terrible ordeal with the right-wing media during his five-year leadership, it is no wonder that Corbyn is putting on such a strong front. Let’s hope (for his sake) he can keep it up.