It doesn’t matter whether your parents are together or divorced, or whether you live with your mother or your father, or your two mothers or just your dad – everyone has two parents. And, generally speaking, you love those two parents just the same and they love you just as much as the other.

Obviously, there are cases where this doesn’t apply, but in the many where it does, custody rights in the UK (and all over the world, to be fair) are one of the largest injustices to face modern parents in existence. There are so many cases where fathers, who genuinely want to be involved in their children’s lives are prevented from doing so because of the lack of protection for them by the law.

Once parents split up, the mother generally has custody of the children and the father sees the children on a weekend. In court hearings, this is often ruled to be the way things are supposed to be, even if the father has absolutely no safeguarding issues. They’re simply given the children on weekends – and why is that acceptable?


Not to go all Mrs Doubtfire on this situation, but fathers are important. Two parents in a child’s life is important and you just can’t deny it. The fact that dads are treated as second-class parents is offensive and a genuine injustice. In the name of feminism – nothing more and nothing less – fathers deserve the equal right to the custody of there child wherever possible.

This is an equality issue. Men as much good parents as mothers are and thus deserve the equality. It is only right and fair that if we do not believe a woman’s job is first and foremost to have children and look after them, we should not be giving them basically automatic custody of children in a court of law simply because they’re female.

If a dad has a safe and loving home and simply wants to see the children he helped bring into the world, he should absolutely get half of the custody of them.