First Year Problems #4

Visiting home

The university bubble is always different from uni to uni. Hence why visiting home is actually quite difficult. At Durham, it’s a huge thing. You get sucked straight into the collegiate system and genuinely feel like you never want to leave. There is always so much to do, so much to see and so much fun to be had. Even a corridor games night feels like you’re missing out on the best time ever.

Visiting home is something I had mixed feelings about. I was so happy to see everyone and catch up on their lives. I had missed their faces and their voices. But yet at the same time, it was kind of annoying to have to leave the bubble. You miss a great night out, you miss your new friends and the brand new taste of freedom that you just had.

Overall, though, visiting home teaches you one thing in particular: you’ll always be welcome there. When you are visiting home from uni, you know you literally always have a place to stay and a group of people who will be there for you no matter what. In a way, visitng home is one of the most humbling thing you can do. And it sucks you out of the uni bubble – at least temporarily.

If you’re visiting home before Christmas, try and switch off from uni life for as much as possible. But don’t forget it’s still your world that you are more than entitled to go back to whenever you want. You worked for it.

Song of the week

An oldie but a goldie, this week’s song of the week is Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke. It’s got all of those good vibes in it and just gets you in a happier mood than you were before it started. Enjoy and spread the love this song makes.