Authentic Lebanese food has taken off in the UK. It all began in London, really, and then hummous started to take off basically everywhere. Thank goodness it did – we wouldn’t have Fattoush Lounge in the Metrocentre otherwise.

I am a sucker for a really good bit of authentic food – be it Italian, Greek or Indian – and now Lebanese has stuck too. At Fattoush, they do absolutely all sorts. Mixed grills, kebabs, schwarma dishes and biryani galore. If you’re more of a mellow eater, they do offer simpler dishes like salmon and chicken and a whole range of starters, like hummous platters and Lebanese pickles. If you like pickles, you’ll love these Lebanese ones.

The hummous was also absolutely to die for. It was a perfect blend and, I have to say, the best hummous I have ever tasted. The lamb in all the mains is cooked to perfection, too. I had the biryani and I think it was one of my favourite meals I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It came with a gorgeous white yoghurt which complemented the rice perfectly.

If you have room for dessert (or even if you don’t – they will box it for you), you must get some baklava. This delicacy (claimed by so many places I am scared to definitively name any) is a sweet pastry dessert with pistachio nuts and it honestly left an impression on me.

The Fattoush Lounge is truly sublime.