Football is Behind Society!

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11 September 2014

By NEBeep

England women’s captain thinks it could still be sometime before a high profile male player is prepared to come out as homosexual. Casey Storey recently came out as gay and says it’s the most comfortable she has felt in herself and has received a lot of thank you messages from supporters. Storey has had an overwhelmingly response from the public.

The former England defender thinks that it would be a lot tougher for men to take the same step as the men’s game is a completely different environment. She said “As a male player, when there is 50,000 people sitting in the stands wanting to do anything to make you feel bad I can understand their fears.”

Statistics show there are no gay players in the 5,000 that play in men’s football leagues. Football is far behind society and it’s sad that homophobia is such a problem in football.



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