Gateshead Couple find Mysterious Safe in Backyard

16 July 2014

By Yasmine

A couple from Sheriff Hill in Gateshead have found a safe which was buried under their pond. The rusty old safe is said to have been buried for decades. David and Nikki discovered the safe after they decided to renovate their back garden. The metal safety box is said to be the same type of safe which they used on the Titanic. It is thought that the safe was buried years before houses were built on the land back in 1920.

The safe is made by an historic company, Milners, which began trade back in 1814 and they became famous for making the world’s first fireproof safes.

Nikki and David said “It’s so heavy to lift, we can barely do it between us. We can hear something in it. It could be old soil after all these years, but it might be something, you never know!”

The couple have since opened the safe to find nothing but emptiness; better luck next time, people.



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