How to Survive a Shark Attack

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16 July 2014

By Bronwen

It’s nearly the summer holidays! For many of us, this means relaxing at home, finding a job or going on holiday. Most people will go to a nice hot country and spend a lot of time at the beach. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in the unlikely (1 in 3,700,000 chance) situation of being stranded at sea with a shark, these are some tips to help you come out alive (with an amazing story to tell your friends).


1-      Swim REALLY fast. If you can out swim it, you’ve won. It sounds obvious but so many people forget about this tip.


2-      Let it know you’re alive. If you play dead, a shark will be more likely to eat you up.


3-      Be careful about any blood from an injury spreading. Either try and wrap it up with something in the sea or keep the wound out of the water if possible. Sharks can smell blood from miles and miles away, so if you cut yourself, get to dry land ASAP.


4-      Punch its nose. If you think it is going to attack you and you need to fight back, the nose will be a good target to try and hit. Sharks hate being punched in the nose as it’s quite a sensitive area for it.


5-      Wound the eyes. If you blind it, it has one less sense to use.


6-      Watch for a shark circling you. Circling= bad- an inevitable attack is coming your way.


7-      Sharks are perfectionists. They like to come at you from the perfect angle, so if you can, press yourself up against a wall or some other object to reduce the directions a shark can attack you from.


8-      If a shark cheerfully swims by, don’t panic! It probably won’t attack you. So stay calm and still and wait for it to leave.


9-      Scream as loud as you can to alert people nearby. You may get some rescue.


10-   Don’t bring dogs in the water. You’ve seen a dog swim; they scrabble along in the water which attracts unnecessary shark attention.


11-   If you’re menstruating… don’t go in the shark infested sea. A shark WILL smell you. However, the menstrual rage that sometimes come hand-in-hand may help you fight off the shark and teach it never to hassle you again…


12-   If the fish begin to panic and swim away, it can mean there’s a predator coming. Take heed of the fish! They know more about the sea than you


13-   Don’t swim at night time. A shark won’t see you as a human; just as food.


14-   Don’t wear a bright swimming costume. Sharks love bright colours and will be more likely to see you.


Which sharks will attack me?


This one:




…and this…




…and this…




…and this…



…most other sharks (around 500 different species) won’t bother you, but we’d rather not risk it.


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