Hugging could be allowed this month

1 May 2021

By Lauren E. White

In our good news reporting trend this week, the news that hugging could be allowed on 17th May certainly fits the bill.

According to The Times, ministers are expected to plough ahead with the third step of the ‘unlocking’ roadmap set out by the government. This includes approval for people to make physical contact with friends and family from other households. In other words, giving your friends and family a long overdue cuddle.


Social distancing will still be advised while on public transport and at work, with the review of the policy we have come to live with expected to happen within the next few weeks.

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Last month the Prime Minister said that he could not see “any reason” to change the lockdown, or “to deviate from the targets that we have set ourselves”.

Caution is still being encouraged by both the government and scientists, though the way things are going, it seems that by 21st June it may be possible enjoy hugging each other again, but do it in a nightclub too.

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