Jamie’s World: Awesome or Awful?

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4 March 2014

By Bronwen

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you can’t possibly have failed to notice the craze surrounding “Jamie’s World”.

Jamie’s World is a page created by 17 year old Jamie Curry for the purpose of entertainment. She started it prompted by a few of her soccer friends, and says she never expected it to get 100 likes, never mind 8.6 million.

With only 143 videos, it is extraordinary how she became so famous in such a short space of time, especially when some of her videos are not that funny.

Of course, some videos have us genuinely howling with laughter, but the majority of videos aren’t anything special in terms of other internet videos.

Especially the dancing videos…

Whenever Jamie starts to dance in a video, the temptation to turn it off is overwhelming. Those types of videos are not the relatable comedy skits that we love so much.

Her most successful videos are the ones that address a parent’s inability to close a door or a teacher that persists to ask questions to students who clearly don’t know the answer. The singing and dancing is not thought of very favourably.

Everybody prefers to watch the videos and laugh, rather than watch a teenage girl prancing around to a remix of music and sit and cringe.

If you’re new to Jamie’s World, here are two helpful lists, illustrating which videos will have you in fits, and which ones you should just skip.

Top 5 funniest Jamie’s World videos-

5- The one with the test and “I studied for no reason”- This was one of her videos where you sit and wonder if you are watching your life story.

4- The one where she acts out how her classes normally go- all students have felt the pain of each event she portrays in this video.

3- The one where her crush likes her post on Facebook- once again, a relatable video. This greatly exaggerates the immense happiness when somebody you like interacts with you on Facebook.

2- The one where the salesgirl “Vicky” knocks on the door- this is such a true representation of what we’d all love to do to annoying people who come to your door in attempt to sell you things you don’t want or need.

1-_The one where her alter ego Sharniqua passes her the remote slowly- This video had us in an agony of mirth. The content is so relatable that you can’t help but laugh at the fitting background music.


The Top 5 worst Jamie’s World Videos-

5- “If there’s music coming from my room, this is probably happening”- this may have been the most boring video we’ve ever seen on the Internet. It is so untrue and 58 seconds is a bit long to endure such awful dancing.

4- The one with the “parody” of Wham song, Last Christmas- We don’t know if you noticed this too, but this video seemed very unlike Jamie. It was unfunny and just dull.

3- The one where her mother asked her to clean the garage- yet again, we are plagued with terrible dancing, and most of us probably skip through it, and realise in sorrow that she dances throughout the whole video.

2- The one where she dances because she thinks “no one is around”- more dancing. Enough said.

1-_The one with “Who wants to be a millionaire”- a poor parody of the game show. The whole thing was very unoriginal, and when you have 8 million people watching, you can’t do a video that has already been done, as people are bound to notice.



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