Live Review: Gabrielle Aplin

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17 November 2013

By Lauren H

Gabrielle Aplin is a young singer-songwriter from England who has recently became popular, particularly with her hit cover of the song ‘The Power of Love,’ made famous by the John Lewis Christmas commercial last year.

Since reaching number 1 in 2012, she has released other high-charting singles, such as ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ and ‘Panic Cord.’

Gabrielle embarked on her tour on October 29th at the Newcastle O2 Academy. She opened her show with ‘Keep on Walking,’ an unusual choice, as it wasn’t one of her most popular songs and it certainly didn’t get the crowd going. However, she is clearly an extraordinary singer and her range of vocals throughout the night never failed to impress.

Unlike some artists, she had great interaction with the crowd and this gave her night a personal touch as she spoke to specific audience members and got them involved. She even mentioned that she ‘fucking loves Newcastle’, before trying out her best Geordie accent, resulting in roars of cheers from the audience. It soon became obvious that she is a lovely young woman who just wants to please her fans.

Towards the end of her performance, she surprisingly took her own take on Miley Cyrus’ well-known song ‘Wrecking Ball.’ Although she obviously expressed her vocals well, her rendition didn’t compare to the original, which could merely be because it is intended to be a pop song.

Overall, the night was enjoyable and it is understandable why this young star has such a large fan base. However the jury is still out in if we would see her live again in the future.




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