Man Fined for Swallowing Live Goldfish

23 April 2014

By Yasmine

A man has been fined £300 for swallowing a live goldfish in a video he posted on Facebook for his not-so-clever ‘necknominate’ challenge. The RSPCA have said that eating the lovely little fish was ‘unacceptable’.

Gavin Hope was taken to court by the RSPCA for the incident that took place around the 30th January. The charity said it is the first time they have taken someone to court over the social media craze.

The 22 year old man made his vile cocktail by preparing larger, chilli, tequila, a fresh egg and fish food in a pint glass before revealing another glass with a small amount of water and a live goldfish. He first necked the fish which was then followed by the cocktail he had made in front of the camera.

Gavin appeared at Gateshead Magistrates Court yesterday to plead guilty to an offense under the Animal Welfare Act. Gavin Hope from Pelaw in Gateshead, joked on Facebook this morning saying ‘I suppose it’s ok to place a live lobster into a pot of boiling water? Crazy world’.

The story is now all over the ‘plaice’.


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