Newcastle United’s Top Goals 22/23

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12 May 2023

By Lucy

In the 2022/23 season, Newcastle have seen huge improvements. Under the new management of Eddie Howe they are beating all expectations and now sit third in the premier league. Last year Newcastle only scored 44 goals whereas this season they have an impressive 59 goals and the season isn’t even over. They also have the least goals conceded during the 22/23 period. All goals scored have been brilliant and have caused huge celebrations from fans home and away but here are Beep’s top 5 Newcastle goals so far.

Dan Burn

Number Five

At number 5 is local lad Dan Burn’s goal against Leicester.  Burn scored the first goal of the match in the 60th minute. This goal was one of two Newcastle goals and not only secured the win but helped them get into the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup. This is, so far, his only goal of the season. However, as a defender, he has helped Newcastle keep countless clean sheets and has contributed massively to the club’s success. He said in an interview regarding the match,” That’s what you dream of doing, scoring in front of the Gallowgate”. You could also see from the team and fans’ reactions that the goal wasn’t just a goal, it was a childhood dream achieved. This goal was amazingly executed and definitely deserves a place on Beep’s top 5 goals this season.

Callum Wilson

Number Four

At number 4 is Wilson’s second goal against Everton. Callum Wilson is currently Newcastle’s top goal scorer this season. He scored two goals against Everton but the second goal was definitely the best of the match. Wilson scored from just outside the box into the top right corner of the goal. His second goal brought the score to 3-0 in a match that would end at 5-1. His performance in this match was brilliant! This season is his third with Newcastle and so far it has been his best. Wilson has been a brilliant player for both Newcastle and England. This season he is also the 6th top scorer in the premier league. The goal against Everton was definitely one of his best. He has been unbelievable for the team and unbelievable in this match. This goal definitely deserves its place on Beep’s top 5.


Number Three

At number 3 is  Bruno Guimarães’ second goal against Brentford. This is one of his three goals this season and his second goal in this game. This match ended 5-1 and was extremely significant as it was the day after the one-year anniversary of the club takeover which jump-started their success. It also meant that Newcastle moved up to fifth in the Premier League. He scored from just outside the box after his solo run from just past the halfway line. Guimaraes joined Newcastle from Lyon in January 2022 with the club sitting in the Premier League relegation zone and he has been a huge part of Newcastle’s recent success. He’s been one of Newcastle’s best players since he joined and definitely deserves a place on Beep’s top five goals this season.

Number Two

At number 2 is Fabian Schär’s goal against Nottingham Forest The defender scored a stunning long-range goal in the 58th minute. His was the first goal in a match that finished at 2-0, Wilson scored the second. This has so far been Schär’s only goal of the season and it was a brilliant one! During that match lots of Newcastle’s strikers had tried for a goal but missed so it was even more impressive that he could score such an incredible goal as a defender. This season he has had 31 appearances and has hugely helped the team in all matches he has played so far. This goal could easily be one of Newcastle’s best ever, not just this season, and definitely deserves its place on Beep’s top 5 goals of the season.

Jacob Murphy

Number One

At number 1 is Jacob Murphy’s second goal against Spurs. He managed to score from 30 yards! St James Park exploded with celebrations. Murphy was clearly very surprised at his own goal and the rest of the team were ecstatic! This goal put Newcastle in a 3-0 lead and the match would end at 6-1. It was an incredible goal in an incredible match. Murphy has been unbelievable so far for the club and has contributed massively every time he’s been on the pitch.  He said in an interview,” Sometimes you think, I’ll just strike it from here” and that thinking definitely paid off in this case as he managed to get Newcastle’s best goal so far this season.

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Newcastle United have had an incredible season so far and are only getting better. They have had lots of incredible goals this season but only 5 can make it onto Beep’s list. Fans are expecting many more amazing goals for the rest of the season and the next. They are also expecting Newcastle to get a place in the Champions League for the first time since the 1998/99 season. People now expect huge things for the club and they are more than meeting these expectations. They are a phenomenal club with a bright future and many, many more goals to come.


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