Restaurant Review: TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is an incredibly popular restaurant, whether you are looking to enjoy a family celebration, a drink or a meal before a big night out, or even just wanting to pop in quickly during your lunch break.  With a huge range of American classics, each with a delicious twist, there is something for everyone. To top your night off, you might even want to treat yourself to some particularly unique cocktails too, with plenty of flavours to choose from.

A particular favourite is the Jack Daniel’s Chicken Sandwich – A grilled chicken breast coated in Jack Daniel’s glaze, Monterey Jack cheese, Jack Daniel’s candied bacon, fresh tomato, red onion and Fridays mayo and served on a glazed brioche bun. This meal is extremely appetising, with a large portion to fill you up. The Jack Daniel’s sauce completes it, leaving you with a delicious taste. For the fans of a more adventurous dish, you may want to opt for the Blackened Chicken Fajita – Cajun-spiced chicken breast served over a bed of garlic mixed peppers and onions. Or, alternatively something off the grill – Steak, Ribs and Shrimp – 6oz rump steak, half a rack of baby back pork ribs coated in Jack Daniel’s glaze and Cajun-battered shrimp. And when it’s time for drinks, there are over 500 cocktails to choose from, alongside many other drinks, such as wine and beer, or simply a soft drink. With Friday’s Signature Cocktails, mocktails and even some posh Prosecco, what more could you want?!

However, you may find that soon your bill is topping up quite nicely and before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of pounds (although that might be a bit of an exaggeration!). That is an important point to consider though – if you are willing to pay more for a particularly nice meal then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if not, then this might not be the right place for you. Also, as it’s such a popular restaurant, it’s also very busy during the Christmas period, meaning that the service can be quite slow – something else to consider.

Despite this, it is still great to dine at TGI Fridays, and you will undoubtedly leave feeling more than content with your experience.