We saw a bunch of stuff this year at San Diego Comic Con, from trailers to props, to artwork; a number of things were revealed. Let’s have a look at some of the more promising things to come out of this year.

We had a good look at the Justice League, for the first time ever. It gave us a good look at Barry Allen, The Flash, Cyborg, and for the first time in forever, we have Aqua-Man, played by Jason Momoa. And he looks like a tank.

The theme is stylish, and looks a lot more charismatic than the last Warner Bros attempt at a blockbuster.


Next up we have a rather… surreal look at Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch teams up with Chiwetel Ejiofor and a sleekly bald Tilda Swinton, this one looks like a gem in the next few years. A few friends have commented on the (excuse the term) strangeness of the film, and suggested that because he isn’t a well-known character, many would be turned off from the film. But look at how well Guardians of the Galaxy did. Benedict looks like the perfect Strange. Hopes are high!

Now we have Lego Batman. This sounds like an awful idea. But it looks AMAZING.

Will Arnett stars again as the voice of the Lego Crusader, and looks to have the same level of humour as the Lego Movie, which did surprisingly well at box office, despite early claims it wouldn’t. I’m pumped for this one.

This one caught me by surprise.

Kong: Skull Island is another in a supposed string of monster movies coming our way in the next few years. Made from the creators of Godzilla (2014), this will either make or break the whole ‘monster movie idea’. We will see.

Ooooh this is gonna be good.

Finally a reveal for Wonder Woman. In a world where men are awful, Gal Gadot is here to kick the crap out of any man who dares question the power of a woman. The trailer starts with Chris Pine (a bad start but we’ll get over it) being woken up by Diana, an Amazonian, presumably in her home region, after he washed ashore.

We then see Gal swiping and slashing her way through a number of soldiers and riding a horse in a blue dress with a really big sword.

While I still think she should be wearing pants, this is a definite must-watch.

Then we have the little fellas.

Including Luke Cage, a spin-off series of Jessica Jones.

AND a teaser for The Defenders, which will see Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all teamed up for the first time. It should be a show full to the brim with grit and sarcasm.

Speaking of Iron Fist, actually:

And if that weren’t cool enough, check out the compilation trailer: