Social housing: where did it go?

10 December 2019

By NEBeep

Social housing is housing provided by the government to people with low income or particular needs. These houses, also known as council houses, have much lower rent than regular houses, and usually provide long-term tenancy to help tenants focus on improving their lives.

However, in recent years, there has been nowhere near enough social housing to fit the rising demand.

Rising demand

As over 12 million households in the UK are on the waiting list for social housing, there is a lot of demand. Anyone from 16 and up can apply, but the chance of receiving a house at all without dire circumstances is lowering at an alarming rate.

Lowering supply

Despite one in every 200 people in the UK being homeless, many houses, particularly in London, are mostly empty. These houses are oftentimes bought by wealthy foreigners and are used as holiday homes. Since these houses earn the builders so much, they are gradually taking over the property market and are preventing builders from wanting to construct more council houses.

Political persuasion

Many political parties have promised more social housing in a bid to win over more voters. Whether they actually go through with their promises is yet to be seen. Let’s hope so!

By Tegan Oxley

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