Temper Tantrums

17 February 2014

By Yasmine

Drake is throwing his toys out the pram, claiming he’s ‘done doing interviews for magazines’. This comes after the magazine Rolling Stone published an interview in which Drake allegedly criticised Kanye West’s latest album Yeezus. The rapper claimed in a tweet that he ‘never commented on Yeezus’ implying that Rolling Stone magazine has fabricated quotes. Drake and Kanye are set to headline for 2014’s Wireless Festival alongside Bruno Mars.

Drake also had another grudge against the cult music mag who replaced the rapper on the cover with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The ‘Take Care’ singer tweeted ‘I’m disgusted in that. RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respects due. But the press is evil’. The tweet was later deleted.

How could we live not seeing Drake’s face on a magazine cover?


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