The Amazing Spider-Man 2: World Premiere Review

11 April 2014

By Lauren E. White

Thanks to Sun+, The Sun newspaper’s ‘Sun and more’ online site costing only £1 per month giving readers the opportunity to get exclusive items and goodies, I got the opportunity to grab two tickets to the world exclusive premiere of the brand new Spider-Man film last night, April 10th.

We printed off our tickets and saw the film at the ODEON in the Gateshead Metro Centre before anyone else in the world. As the film has not been officially released yet, tickets were limited and the screenings included Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield as well as other cities around the country.


The screening began at 7:30pm, we had our mobiles removed before we entered and were offered the chance to get a photo on the mini red carpet next to a cardboard cut-out of Spider-Man, which we gladly accepted. When we took our seats, Spider-Man water, masks and even 3D glasses in the shape of his eyes were waiting for us and the whole cinema transformed into Spidey look-alikes. Up until 8pm a live stream of the red carpet event in Leicester Square, London was shown and we watched the arrival of the stars of the film. After a few minutes, the duo everyone was eagerly waiting for arrived – of course the crowd went wild for Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man/Peter Parker) and Emma Stone (Gwyn Stacey, Spider-Man’s lover). The film producer Avi Arad also made an appearance on the carpet, having worked on the previous The Amazing Spider-Man in the sequel and films like Iron Man and X-Men: The Final Stand. Mark Webb, the films’ director claimed this film is ‘the biggest Spider-Man yet’ – and he was correct.


It was thrilling. Absolutely thrilling. Picking up where the last film left off was a comedic Spider-Man flying through the streets of New York fighting crime and helping a child being bullied before walking him home. After fighting a though enemy, Spidey sparked controversy with New Yorkers and the police, some claiming he was a great for the city and some disagreeing as he ‘interferes too much’.

Peter Parker who has the alter-ego of Spider-Man does have his moments with long-time girlfriend Gwyn and the tension between them builds throughout; creating a very romantic and quite a low mood as they seem to drift apart after the death of her father in the previous film.

A new villain named Electro (played by Jamie Foxx) is the shape-shifter of this intoxicating film, beginning his ordinary life as a Spider-Man fanatic by the name of Max Dillon, he has the audience on his side at the beginning before things go a little wrong for him along the way. He teams up with the devious Harry Osborne played by Dale DeHaan and they bring out a dark side of the well-loved web slayer.

Spider-Man seems to question his identity and searches for information regarding his parents, leading him on a voyage to seek the truth – it has you gripped the whole way through.

The ending of this film will always remain a secret until it’s officially released in cinemas on April 16th when you can buy your ticket, so you’ll have to wait a little longer! Despite the ‘mixed review’ from other critics, I believe it is a fantastic film for young and old. With the witty highs, intense face-offs and the tear-jerking lows, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 really is a must-see.



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