The Birthday Tribute to Amy Winehouse

21 August 2014

By Lauren E. White

Three years after her tragic death, a life-size statue of Amy Winehouse featuring her infamous beehive hairstyle is to be unveiled, marking her 31st birthday.

The ‘Valerie’ singer, who battled with drink and drugs for years, eventually losing the battle to the two, ‘will now oversee the comings and goings of her hometown forever’ according to her father, Mitch hinehouse, who was left devastated when she died.

The memorial of Winehouse has been something her family have been keen to go along with for a while now as they say it will give the fans somewhere to visit and it will also bring tourists to the area.

After the previous plan to erect the memorial in The Roundhouse was scrapped as fans ‘would not always have access’, the statue is expected to be unveiled on 14th September in the Stables Market.


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