This week Prime Minister Theresa May announced the return of grammar schools to England.

In her first major policy announcement, Mrs May, the product of a grammar school herself, revealed that her government would reverse the ban on the schools enforced by Tony Blair.

It is certainly one of the most controversial decisions in recent political history, prompting uproar from the Labour Party in particular. Jeremy Corbyn said that the decision makes it harder for the most vulnerable in society to achieve in the same way as the rich as the “inclusive” nature of the policy encourages division.

In a statement the Prime Minister said that grammars provide “opportunity irrespective of family means or background”.

The decision comes after former Prime Minister David Cameron attempted to introduce the conversion of all schools to academies but came under too much fire from the Opposition and teaching unions.

One question remains to be answered: does an archaic policy of the past really have a place in the future?