The Writer’s Playlist

6 May 2015

By Lauren E. White

Are you a writer? Are you in need of inspiration when you’re creating characters or writing a tear-jerking scene? Well, you’re reading the write (see what I did there) blog post.

Many of us writers think that music helps us to get the words on the page and also helps us settle into the mindset of our characters. Music can impact on our emotions and so if one of our characters is crying, we can get into their skin and feel just how they do.

Basically, emotive music and an emotional scene makes for one huge over-stimulation of emotions in which you get upset (or happy) with your character(s).

Run – Leona Lewis: This song is one of my childhood favourites and Leona’s cover makes me full of passion. It gives you strength and courage while focusing on a bad situation. A perfect song for whatever you’re writing.

XO – Beyoncè: I love this track a lot and it’s all about love. XO reminds me of this unconditional love and it seems to span for all eternity – a song for a romantic moment or thought your character may be having with another.


Viva La Vida – Coldplay: I won’t lie about this one, I always add this song for pleasure. It does give me a positive outlook on things and lifts my mood to around average, but I just genuinely love the song. Despite this lousy reasoning, it’s just nice to have a bit of Coldplay in there with you.


Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Oasis: This song makes me cry my heart out. Something about it makes me want to uncontrollably sob (it’s okay because over time I’ve trained myself not to) and it makes for a good piece of writing. I personally rely on this song to put me in a saddened mood so I can experience how my characters are feeling.


No Good in Goodbye – The Script: No matter what anyone says, this song is an absolute God-send. It is truthful and makes you reflect on a lot while being extremely catchy. Good to listen to and a great example of a song that will get you in a nostalgic and lonely mood. Remember it’s all about having empathy for your characters!


Better in Time – Leona Lewis: Yes, I know, the second Leona track. But Better in Time makes me feel optimistic and I always use it when I want my characters to come out of a bad situation or when they experience the bad situation.


Some Nights – Intro – Fun: I have no feasible reason for having this song on my writing playlist, just that it makes me think.


Hold On – Take That: Another childhood favourite of mine added to the playlist. It seems there’s somewhat of a pattern occurring here. Anyway, Hold On is pretty self-explanatory as it is about, quite literally, holding on to a relationship.

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