In what is being seen as a shocking move politically, Prime Minister Theresa May announced yesterday that she will be speaking to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with regards to how Britain moves on with the Brexit process.

Mrs May’s decision follows weeks of deadlock in Parliament with her own MPs and Cabinet refusing to back her Brexit deal agreed with the European Union, and with MPs themselves finding it impossible to come to a consensus of their own in their meaningful votes. Thus far, the Prime Minister has not consulted with Mr Corbyn on any Brexit-related issues, and the Labour Party has, for the most part, been excluded from the process altogether.

The announcement came after Cabinet sat for eight hours without phones or contact with the outside world yesterday in Downing Street, and it has fallen harshly on the ears of hardcore Brexiteers.

Current MP and former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith told Sky’s Beth Rigby: “This is an utter disaster…We are about to legitimize Corbyn. It is appalling.”

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Duncan Smith’s sentiments are apparently echoed in the ERG – a committee of staunch Brexiteer MPs who have unyeilding power in numbers and could, at any time, threaten to pull the plug on May’s premiership if they dislike any move she makes regarding Brexit.

If the ERG are as furious as sources suggested last night, it could be the end for Theresa May once and for all as Corbyn will naturally take a softer approach to the Brexit negotiations than they would like in order to please Labour members.

Mr Corbyn himself has said of Mrs May’s announcement that he is “very happy” to meet the PM and has said he will not “set any limits” in his negotiations with her, though it is expected that he will bargain for Britain to remain in a customs union with the EU and will want to guarantee workers’ rights in both Britain and the EU.