Time to go ‘Limitless’

At the time of writing, we are two days into 2019 and I’ve already seen two new releases at my local cinema. That’s a 100% attendance record so far!

For the previous twelve months, I recorded a measly one visit to watch a film, yet the beginning of a new year has instilled me a new zest for theatre-going. Why the sudden change? you might ask.

What is ‘Limitless’?

I noticed that my English Heritage membership entitled me to a discounted ‘ODEON Limitless’ pass, inviting me to view unlimited 2D films at any time for the next 12 months. As I like to do, I quickly seized the moment to set myself on a cinematic course for the year ahead. Odeon’s subscription service is designed to encourage casual cinemagoers to visit more regularly, hopefully alleviating the embarrassing issue of empty auditoriums.

A man sits to the left at an empty cinema facing towards the screen ( picture taken away from screen).

Does anyone really like to sit in an empty cinema?

Limitless appeals to hardened film critics too as if you already visit more than once a month then a monthly payment of £17.99 or an annual fee of £205 is likely to save you a considerable amount of money, especially considering the wildly expensive ticket prices ODEON have taken to setting recently. ‘Blockbuster’ films can cost as much as £12.50 for an adult.

As a limitless card holder, I have started to look ahead at my local cinema listings and pick out films I wouldn’t have considered otherwise; I hope to have broadened my horizons and hopefully learned a few things by the time the year is out. If I don’t like a film, I haven’t lost out; I don’t feel guilty about walking out halfway through – as long as I enjoy one or two films each month then I’m saving anyway. Limitless offers freedom to experiment with film and if you purchase the annual plan, you needn’t worry about factoring the cost of tickets into your monthly budget.

Introducing Cineworld

ODEON aren’t the only players in the subscription cinema game. Cineworld has their own ‘Unlimited’ scheme for a similar price that is much more established than ODEON Limitless. Cineworld unlimited sets itself apart by offering free 3D screenings and a 25% discount on cinema food (compared to 10% at ODEON) after one year of membership. Discounts can also be obtained at popular restaurant chains with the Cineworld unlimited pass, although if you purchase your ODEON limitless pass through NUS a similar offer is available. Cineworld also offers a more comprehensive programme of advance member screenings.

On paper, the Cineworld Unlimited pass is the best offering but it would be unwise to make your decision purely on paper. Look at your local cinema. Which chain (if any) is closer to you? Which has better facilities? I live closer to ODEON than Cineworld, and it has more screens too – resulting in a better selection of films to see.

I’ve loved my first few days as an ODEON Limitless member. I feel like an insider, somehow. On occasion, I move around the cinema with a certain arrogance in my stride; a smile on my face and my limitless card on full display.