Top 10 Feel Good Songs

8 July 2014

By Yasmine

If your having a bad day, look no further, we have the ultimate feel good playlist for you to kick back and release the stress:

1. Bob Marley- ‘Three Little Birds’- Being recorded and released in 1977 by reggae legend Bob Marley, it’s still at the top of everyone’s list ‘because every little thing gonna be alright’. May he rest in peace.

2. Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera- ‘Moves Like Jagger’- Written by Adam Levine, the electropop song revolves around The Rolling Stone’s frontman Mick Jagger. With the whistling whisking you into the song you can’t help but ‘move like Jagger’.

3. Glee- ‘Don’t Stop Believin’- The choir singing gleeks sang Journey’s ‘Don’t stop believin’ in the first episode ever of the first season back in 2009, now whether it be at a 40th birthday party or a night in a rundown pub, this song sure gets us in the mood.

4. Black Eyed Peas- ‘I Gotta Feeling’- Whether you’re at a party or listening to it through your earphones, this anthem really makes us feel good. With it being written and produced for the Black Eyed Peas by David Guetta, this is one track that can say he didn’t steal.

5. Pharrell Williams- ‘Happy’- Pharrell produced this hit for the animated movie Despicable me 2 and with its catchy verses and infectious chorus we can’t be anything but happy!

6. Cee Lo Green- ‘Forget you’- with Ce Lo teaming up with Bruno Mars to write a song, they definitely made a hit with this one. The track is actually aimed at the music industry. Since being released in 2010, it has put a smile on our faces every time we hear it.

7. Bruno Mars- ‘The Lazy Song’- This is undoubtedly the ultimate anthem to laziness. When you’re on the bus going to work in the morning, you’re jealous at the fact Bruno is watching TV and learning how to dougie.

8. Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys- ‘Empire State of Mind’- Written by both Jay Z and Alicia Keys, this hit really makes us want to pack all our belongings and head for New York. With Alicia’s voice complimenting Jay Z’s rapping, it is no wonder this song was up for three Grammy Awards back in 2009.

9. Florence + the Machine- ‘Dog Days Are Over’- Florence Welch co-wrote the song with singer and songwriter, Isabella Summers. With an instant pounding beat, it shows off Florence’s voice to the best of its advantage.

10. Natasha Bedingfield- ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’- This is possibly one of the most annoying songs ever written but we can’t turn it off! Its chorus really makes us believe that Natasha actually has ‘a pocketful of sunshine’.


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