Top Five Netballers

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15 March 2023

By Lucy

England netball is on a roll. The team is just getting stronger. The Vitality Roses are currently in training for the 2023 netball world cup in Cape Town and have their sights set on a win. They couldn’t have reached this point without the amazing players that make up the national team. Each and everyone is at the top of their game, but some just shine that bit brighter.

Here are Beep’s top five players.

Number 5: Joanne Harten

Jo has been a very influential figure in English netball recently. She has scored hundreds of goals over her career and is a phenomenal goal shooter and goal attack. Other than for the England team she plays for GIANTS netball. She is an amazing contribution to the team.

Joanne Harten

Number 4: Layler Guscoth

Layla is a goalkeeper and goal defence for England netball and Surrey Storms. She has contributed to the wins of both her teams by stopping countless goals from the other team. She is a brilliant member of the team and has definitely earned a place in our top five players list.

Layla Guscoth

Number 3: Natalie Metcalf

Natalie is the captain of the Vitality England netball team and captain of the Manchester Thunder team. She is incontestably one of the best players England has seen. She is a wonderful player and amazing to watch. Her tactics and plays on the court are wonderful and she is able to keep the game running. She seems to do effortlessly well in every game in which she participates. Really she could be top of this list if it wasn’t for her unstoppable teammates.

Natalie Metcalf

Number 2: Helen Housby

Helen is one of the best shooters England has seen in our opinion. She is almost flawless on the court. A fabulous goal attack and goal shooter. Her shots always seem to drop in. Her precision is incredible and her aim is unbelievable. Housby always seems to be calm, collected and enjoying herself while playing. Overall an amazing player and person. She also could easily make the top of this list but this next mid-court player is too good not to be at the top.

Helen Housby

So, in the top spot…..

Number 1: Jade Clarke

This centre and wing defence is undeniably one of the best players to grace the Vitality team. She also plays for London Pulse and is so amazing to watch. She zips up and down the court like a bullet and is such a wonderful netballer all around. We feel lucky to be able to watch her play despite being a goal attack NOT a mid-court ( we couldn’t handle more than one quarter) at the peak of her career. She is such an inspiration to young players,  just like all of the ladies at England netball. She definitely deserves her top spot on this coveted list.

Jade Clarke

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