Top Things To Do In Summer

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19 June 2023

By Azka

With school almost over, the anticipation for the summer holidays is high. But when they flash by, there’s that feeling of regret in September when you think: Did I really do anything? Almost always, you’ll be disappointed by your lack of productivity, but this list includes fun activities and ideas


This may sound boring, but there are many different styles of penpalling, and you can talk about your hobbies or things you have in common. You can decorate as you wish with stickers and fancy lettering, or you can just keep it simple! However you must ask your parents and make sure to not give your address to a complete stranger.


Geocaching is basically a modern day treasure hunt, where you can get the geocaching app and find local geocaches in your area. They range in difficulty and can be hidden anywhere from a fence to the underside of an old mailbox!


Make A Cold Drink

Whether you like coffee,mocktails or smoothies, you can experiment with different fruits, syrups or flavours to make some amazing drinks! Some amazing combinations include watermelon and strawberry, apple and mango or lemon and mixed berries! Here is a video for inspiration.

Have a Picnic

It doesn’t need to be extravagant at all or anything special. You could take a few sandwiches, a sweet treat and even one of the drinks you may make and go and sit under a tree or in a park. You can even take a book for some peaceful reading, and make sure to watch out for any ice cream vans!

Go Back To School Shopping

Even if the thought of new stationery doesn’t excite you, you can go on a full day trip to the nearest shopping mall and search for a new backpack that suits you, or a pencil case in your favourite colour! There is also great inspiration online and multiple websites to shop from!

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