Top Tips for Freshers’ Week

2 September 2019

By Lauren E. White

Freshers’ Week is one of the scariest weeks you’ll probably ever experience if you are going to university this month. It’s filled with a bunch of people you’ve never met from all around the world trying to make friends that are going to last for life. It’s not easy. That’s why we’ve curated this list of top tips for freshers’ week this year.

1. Be yourself

Honestly, being yourself in freshers’ week is the most important advice you can receive. There’s no point going to university pretending to be someone you’re not. You’ll get found out eventually.

Also, being yourself is the one way you’ll actually get to re-invent yourself at uni. Maybe you weren’t fully honest to who you truly are at school, so do it now.


2. Go and socialise as soon as possible

Do not – I repeat: DO NOT – sit in your room alone on the first day and night. Get out – no matter how hard it is – and mingle with your flat and your corridor. Go to the students’ union or the bar.

If you spend your time alone on that day, everyone else is already going to have made friends and you’ll be joining at a later stage. Push yourself and do it. The sooner the better.

3. Don’t get romantically involved with someone in your flat

No matter how nice they seem at first and how funny they are, do not get romantically involved with someone in your flat in freshers’ week. Or just after freshers’ week. You really don’t know them yet at all, so take your time getting to know people.

There will be nothing worse than having to deal with any kind of aftermath if you get romantically involved so soon. Wait it out – this too shall pass.


4. Trust your gut

Freshers’ week is filled with people and all of their different experiences. They’re not necessarily all nice. So, trust your gut on certain people and certain situations. If someone doesn’t feel right, leave them alone and find someone else.

The same goes for situations – don’t get involved if it’s not right. This includes drinking alcohol and drugs.

5. Enjoy yourself

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself during freshers’ week. It is, for many, the best week of the whole of uni because, generally speaking, things (and people) just go downhill from there.


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