TV Review: Boy Meets Girl

Tackling a range of different views on modern relationships, regarding matters such as sex, age gaps and even gender, Boy Meets Girl is an interesting, heart-warming and even comical programme. A six-episode mini-series by the BBC, it tells the story of two people desperate to find love. 26-year-old Leo (Hepple) falls for 40-year-old Judy (Root), and they fit together perfectly despite being an unusual match.

Set in the North East, and starring Loose Women’s Denise Walsh (who we all love), the series is set to be a great watch from the offset. However, what makes the plot so endearing is that both Root and her character Judy are transgender. It seems that Judy has struggled to find love in the past, and so to see Leo respond so casually to her revealing that she is transgender, especially on the first date, is truly amazing, although not everyone in his family reacts quite the same. With some serious ups and downs throughout the series, there is no doubt that you will spend each and every episode desperately hoping that everything will go well for the pair.

Although the actors are not particularly well-known, each and every one takes on their character perfectly, with particular favourites being Denise Walsh (Pam) and Jonny Dixon (James). However, the most praise must be given to Rebecca Root, who admits that being transgender is like being in prison, with her character’s line about ‘never having a release date’ resonating particularly strongly with her. It must be extremely difficult to have to play a role so similar to yourself, being reminded of all the difficult moments that you’ve struggled through. So, applause to her and the BBC for Boy Meets Girl being the first comedy of theirs to tackle transgender issues.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can download the series online here.