Ways To Keep Motivated This Year

UK students are now a few weeks into the new school year and the ‘fresh start’ feeling should have worn off for most of us. Just around the corner are mock exams, coursework deadlines and the most stressful of all, Christmas shopping. Enthusiasm is always lowest in the coldest months of the year and many of us can feel the urge to give up. We composed this list of the most effective ways to keep your motivation levels up to help you ace those exams, smash those deadlines and nail that Christmas shopping.

  • Become a ‘studyblr’. Most non-Tumblr addicts will have never heard this term before, so we’ll explain. A studyblr is a Tumblr blog dedicated to posting and ‘reblogging’ motivational pictures and quotes, as well as pictures of cute stationery and colourful pages of revision. Hearing other people’s study tips can really persuade you to push through the boredom and get some work done.
  • Make a study playlist. Many studies have shown that listening to classical music stimulates the brain and helps with memory retention. Even if you download the instrumental versions of songs that usually have lyrics, you will find that your focus is stronger.
  • Change up your routine. If you’re feeling tired of doing the same thing everyday, you could change your timetable a bit. If you’re used to doing homework as soon as you get home from school and then going for a run, try swapping the two activities round. Small changes can be very refreshing.
  • Remember to treat yourself. One of the main causes of bad grades is overworking. If you don’t designate some time to relax, you will find yourself drained of all energy in school and while revising.
  • Make a study plan. When it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day, writing down a timetable can put into perspective how much time you have and make the thought of revising for different subjects less daunting.
  • Use study apps. Apps like Memrise allow you to create flashcards that you can practise at any time. Whether it’s while you wait at the bus stop or for ten minutes before bed, study apps can make every minute productive.