We’ve all heard the 14-year-old wannabe stoner claim to be an expert in the field of marijuana.

“I smoke it ten times a day.”

“My older brother bought me 1000 grams for my birthday.”

“I just love sprinkling a little over my chips.”

And it’s these people who use the age-old argument “everything acclaimed scientists say about weed is wrong! Look at Steve Jobs; he did drugs and founded the world’s leading electronics company”.

Well it’s true that Steve Jobs did in fact use a range of hard drugs including LSD, but what these young fools fail to realise is that for every Steve Jobs, there are about ten million consumers of cannabis that are not at all successful and actually can’t even get a job, as there’s often a big, black, marijuana leaf shaped mark on their criminal record.

People forget as well that Steve Jobs was a massive computer fanatic and for every minute he spent getting high, he spent an hour studying. It seems pretty safe to say that Steve Jobs was an anomaly amongst druggies.