Why We Read

Reading is an activity that millions of people around the world take part in for pure pleasure. So, for the self-confessed bookworms among us, we’ve made a list of all the reasons we love books so much.

1. To get #Grammared


It’s definitely not unusual to smell books. Especially books in the library. It’s our fix, right?

2. Because just looking at a book makes us feel better

feel better books

On days when we feel lost and afraid, just the sight of a book (preferably our favourite) can put us at ease.

3. Books are our moral compass

courage mbird

One of the best things about reading is that books can be our moral compass. The lessons we learn can guide us through a lifetime of trials and tribulations.

4. It’s good for your brain!

Woman reading a book

Oh yes – it’s scientifically proven. Reading is a great brain activity as it stimulates the mind and (not so scientifically) warms the heart.

5. Escapism

a place to go

Reading is pure escapism. You can travel to a whole new world when deep in a novel, whether it be the South in the ’60s or Victorian England.

6. Because it makes us think


Reading doesn’t tell us everything: it makes us consider, analyse and debate in our heads on each page, unlike TV shows and films.

7. It makes us better writers

writing and reading

Here at b**p, we believe that reading is just as important as writing. After all, you’ve got to learn the skills from somewhere and where better than a book?