10 November 2014

By Lauren E. White


Ambition – it will either make or break you. This week I’m speaking on behalf of myself and all of the others who have the same feelings towards this quote ‘Goals so big you get uncomfortable telling small-minded people.’

Many would presume that if you aim high at such a young age, you’re cocky and arrogant, and between other people at school and yourself, there’s this stigma around ambition. If you are full of it, they frown upon you; something that has happened to me on many occasions.

I am writing this week’s column in the hope that one day, the stigma surrounding ambition will be extinct. Why is it such a sin to want to do well? Why is it a disgrace to work hard and want to do well? It shouldn’t be, I know that much. If you have a dream, go out and chase it. If you have a talent, be sure to embrace it. If you have something to say, say it. Never be afraid to aim for the stars – the sky is never the limit. There is no limit.

Ambition can never be a bad thing as it drives you and being driven is nothing to be shamed of.

This week, if you want to do something that’s different, or ‘out there’ – I challenge you to do it. Ambition is a trait to play to your advantage, so go and play it.

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