Anarchy Reigns


A robot created by LG to help users control their smart homes, repeatedly failed on stage at its CES debut. The LG robot is the anarchist we need.

Cloi was meant to be the centerpiece of LG’s presentation where it was supposed to show their latest artificial intelligence, and how it could enhance use of kitchen appliances. Instead, it gave no response to three consecutive commands beyond blinking its tiny little eye. I love it.


‘What’s for dinner?’ he asks. What’s it to you, human?

LG’s focus this year was to promote ThinQ, an in-house software, which intends to roll out across various products to make them easier to use and capable of even ‘evolving’ to meet customer’s needs. Hang on. Evolving tech?


Cloi – pronounced Kloh-ee – represents a push toward technology being in the heart of consumers. The machine was described as being ‘ultimately in simplicity when managing your smart home’. It was presented on stage by David VanderWaal, LG’s US marketing chief.

Initially, it did behave as instructed before going on stage.


She’s a good girl and I love her.

Subsequent requests however, including checking the washing, what was for dinner and what recipes it could suggest for chicken, all fell on deaf ears. Receptors. Whatever a robot has. The robot has three variants that will all be available commercially at some point in the future. But I think they should sort out this little ragamuffin first.

I love it so much how can you be mad at that?