After two long years of rumours and waiting, we finally have it: Michael Fassbender’s Animus adventures in Assassin’s Creed.

This story takes place during the Spanish Inquisition, following the ancestral stories of Fassbender’s character. The film is completely separate from the games, and independent from other characters in the franchise.

The first game came out in 2007, and spawned a massive franchise, focusing on the elusive Assassins’ Brotherhood, a group fighting the tyranny of the Templars for the Pieces of Eden – objects from an ancient, vastly superior race – in a battle that has raged since the Crusades.

It looks awesome.

The costumes, the scenery, the blades, the combat, and most importantly – the freerunning. Yes, the trailer showcases some cool stunts and an intriguing cast.

Michael Fassbender (X-Men), Marion Cotillard (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises), and Jeremy Irons (Batman V Superman, The Borgias), make up our main cast, with a number of new faces as the legendary Assassins.

The film is set to be released in December.

Check out the trailer!

Ubisoft has announced it will not be releasing an AC game this year, as they are working on something bigger, and hope the film will satisfy fans until their next release.

The production value looks high, and with a bit of luck, it might be worth the wait.