Battlefront II Leaks

The first trailer for Battlefront II is set to release a few days from now, at the Star Wars celebration event in Orlando, but obviously, it arrived early, because the internet exists.

You can watch the trailer here.

It will feature battles from all eras this time around, even from the newer films. It is also likely to include the heroes of that time too, as in the trailer, and on the cover, we see Darth Maul, Rey, a glimpse of Yoda, and Kylo Ren.

It was confirmed last May that there would definitely be a new Battlefront game this year, and this one will have a single player campaign, and a wider scope for multiplayer. Which is good, considering it burned out a bit after a few hours of play. And the limited amount of heroes and maps annoyed some folk. Let’s not even talk about the season pass stuff.

A female soldier, taking about her final battle, dubs the trailer, so it’s possible this could be the focus of the single-player.

There seems to be a trend with EA at the moment, putting out multiplayer-only games, then revisiting them with single-player elements. But I’ll be the first to admit I really enjoyed Titanfall 2’s single player, so it might just be good.

So many games this year!

And so little money.