Book Review: Hotel Babylon

Few books have managed to combine humour and real-life scandal like the first of Imogen Edwards-Jones’s bestseller Babylon novels does.

The book follows the twenty-four-hour exploits of a receptionist at a five-star London hotel on a double shift, from early morning to early morning. Hour by hour, the plot takes in death, drugs and drinking, with a liberal dose of laugh-out-loud humour in there as well. And the best thing is, all of the stories are real.

In what has become the modus operandi of Edwards-Jones’s other Babylon novels, as well as a number of other titles by different authors, the book was written with the help of “Anonymous”, a real-life hotel employee whose stories form the biggest part of the plot.

Hotel Babylon is an extremely funny romp through the excesses of the rich and the spoiled, name-dropping celebrities left, right and centre. And what’s more, there are a number of other Babylon books, covering service sectors from airlines to the music industry.