YouTube is home to millions of channels – people voicing their opinions and sharing their talents. It is the hub of learning for many people too, whether that’s inside or outside of school or work. School of Life is one of those channels that offers you the chance to explore humanity at its finest and at its worst.

Before I continue, those with an interest in philosophy (or who are studying it at A Level or undergraduate level) should really check out School of Life‘s playlist on philosophers – it provides an interesting and often humorous take on some of the most famous philosophers in history. I particularly like their one on Immanuel Kant, but I may be slightly biased as his theory is awesome… in practice, anyway.

School of Life doesn’t just provide academic content, though; it tells you things about humans and our actions that you’ve always wanted to know. For example: ‘Why We Sulk and How Not To‘, ‘Why Music Works‘ and ‘An Instruction Manual to Oneself‘.

In a relatively short period of time, you can learn anything – including things that may be beneficial if you’re going through some kind of turmoil in your life. This channel allows you to explore your life and the lives of those around you (especially if you dislike them as you can put yourself in their shoes and attempt to understand their reasoning).

Check out School of Life if you’ve a natural interest in any form or aspect of human life or even if you’re a student just trying to get by on the course. Or both.