Checkmate Flat Earthers

The fact that discussing the fact the Earth might be flat is even newsworthy shows something desperately wrong with our planet. Our globe of a planet. Still, this should hopefully sway people to just stop being thick.

While there may be a staggering amount of evidence dating back as far as the last two centuries that the Earth is and always has been a globe, Flat Earthers still exist. There are multiple theories, all more reach than the last, trying to prove the Earth is flat. Well, one Reddit user took a photo from the top of Mount Everest, saying ‘Checkmate Flat Earth Society’.

The image clearly shows the curvature of the Earth. Reddit users swarmed on the post, with one stating that the curvature doesn’t even matter.

‘Forget about curvature arguments. The fact that you can only see 2.5 percent at a time proves it isn’t flat. If it was flat you should be able to see the whole thing from even just the top of the tallest mountain or on any commercial flat.’

The photo was taken with a fisheye lens, however, but seriously. The Earth is a globe. It always has been. It’s been proven countless times, from satellites to explorers sailing around the world. Not off it.

Wait, didn’t B.o.B. want to send his own satellite up? How’s that crowdfunding thing going?