We all knew Dark Souls III was coming, but we had no idea the trailer would be so… chilling?

In the world of Dark Souls it is as if the world is having one final breath before the end. And we will not buckle without a fight. In a world full of ash, there is but one hope left to ignite the flame of humanity, and save yourself.

The feel of the game, already, is much more reminiscent of the first title than any of its predecessors. We have familiar-looking enemies and voices.

The old crone in the second game voices the intro, a dark and ominous prophecy, along with an orchestra befitting the scale of the game.

Check out the trailer:

Skeletons march across a destroyed bridge, a huge dragon rider swoops in from a storm of ash and dust. A giant swings its massive cleaver at the player.

“You’ll face death and it won’t be pretty, enough death to leave you broken, time after time,” a voice says, as shots of the player being attacked are shown.

There is even a vibe of Bloodborne about it. Particularly in some of the more feathery enemies. The engine looks gorgeous, along with character models, and the monsters…


I am not looking forward to fighting him.

.....Hey there...You alright?

…Hey there… You all right?

I look forward to having my face mashed in.