DOOM: Game Review

After plans for the game were revealed in 2015, DOOM has been in-wait for the last year or so. Its E3 reception was astounding, with thousands of fans cheering as they showed the demo.

But does the full package justify the bill?

DOOM is a primarily single player game, with a campaign spanning the depths of the UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation), and the plains of Hell.


I like what they’ve done with the place… very morbid.

The back story stands as this: scientists found a source of renewable energy for the entire earth by cracking open a portal to Hell on Mars. Needless to say, this goes horribly wrong due to a stray scientist breaking safety protocol, and unleashing hordes of demons upon the Mars base.

That’s when you come in. From the lore, the character you play as is called Doom Slayer; a being of unnatural rage and fury. With armour made in Hell, you have been awoken to purge Hell from Mars. He shows little emotion, merely displaying anger and blood-lust in the way he brutalises enemies and various objects in the environment.

No DOOM game is complete without a few secrets. Find these minifigures to unlock character models.

No DOOM game is complete without a few secrets. Find these minifigures to unlock character models.

The game is a joy to play. Fluid and fast paced, demons will attack in swarms, from fire throwing imps to the terrifying Archdemon, and every enemy is different. So while getting in close with a shotgun may work for the faster, nimbler enemies, big ones like the Hell Knight require a little more firepower.

The firearms available are vastly different from each other. With two weapon mods per weapon, it really mixes up the combat. So you could be using the assault rifle, but then a Baron of Hell turns up, so you use the secondary fire, sending a barrage of rockets his way.


The Archdemon. A mass of metal moulded with flesh. *dabs tears away* It’s beautiful.

Or if you’re in dire need of ammunition, go wild with the chainsaw and watch as enemies burst into mountains of ammo.

Multiplayer is okay. There appears to be a trend with FPS games now that there has to be a multiplayer aspect, even though the core game is enough for it to stand on.

Snapmap is a rather interesting feature, allowing players to create their own unique DOOM experience and share it with the world. Much like Halo’s Forge mode, players can add enemies, objectives, and even co-op play into their own levels.

All in all, DOOM is a beautifully bloody, metal-as-hell gorefest, with minimal plot and character progression.

And it couldn’t be more worth it.