We’re nearly done, I promise.

Oh Ubi. You’re like that guy who always needs money to get home after a party, or can’t afford to pay for what you’ve just eaten so you scream “My dad works at Nintendo!”. We get it, guys, you want to be cool, what with your new political direction with Far Cry 5, and your weird mash-up of XCOM and Mario and Raving Rabbids. Wait, what did I just say?

No, I was being serious. This mash-up is XCOM if Shigeru Miyamoto headed up the project. Which he did. And even turned up with a toy blaster. Honestly, it looks pretty quirky, and will only be available on the Switch, but it’s very colourful and looks to have the same charm that the original Rabbids had.


We then had The Crew 2.

Cool, moving on.

Then, we had Transference, a game being developed for VR by Elijah Wood of all people and his company SpectreVision. Very little was shown of the game itself, but they did say it would be a very meta experience, and probably the scariest thing you’ll play on VR ever, in a million years. I mean they didn’t say that exactly but you get the idea.

Next up, hold onto your peg-legs, we’re getting another pirate game, people. Ubisoft also announced Skull and Bones, which is said to be all the things you loved about AC Black Flag without the boring Assassin’s Creed stuff.

Looks pretty dope.

After this, we got a look at Far Cry 5. Looks pretty standard, to be honest. You can now recruit companions like dogs and Guns for Hire and even co-op. Tried and tested stuff really. Looks fun though.

Also, Boomer is a good boy. I know it, you know it, we all know it.


Finally, the last big announcement, that I’m sure many fanboys had to change underpants after hearing was Beyond Good and Evil 2. The first game came out over a decade ago, and since then, everyone has wanted a sequel. It was re-released on Xbox 360 and PS3, and even PC, but you’re probably better off with the console versions.

Well played, Ubisoft. Well played.


And that just about wraps us up, tomorrow we have Nintendo!

Until that time, get saving, folks. I’m going to go take out a loan so I can actually afford some of this stuff. Bye!