The UK has become the next country other than the US to use the Messenger payment service. Local users will now be able to send each other money through the messaging service.

The service first launched in 2015, with the social network allowing most users to spend less than $50 (£38). The service has been used widely to split restaurant bills, pay babysitters and simply send gifts. The company has said the service is coming to the UK due to the number of ‘mobile-savvy consumers’.

This joins the growing number of mobile payments options alongside Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Facebook is teaming up with some major banks and credit card firms to launch Messenger payments, which will require both the sender and receiver of the money to register their personal cards.

David Marcus who runs Messenger said that it was obvious that we needed this service.

‘More and more people are having conversations on Messenger about paying one another’ he explains. ‘As a result, it’s a very natural place for you to have the most frictionless and secure way of paying each other.’

With the Messenger service being an all in one thing, not requiring you to download a spate app, this could be a major player in the mobile payment game. Some, however, might think this is a step too far for those who are concerned with the social media giant peering into their wallets.

Might be useful for borrowing a tenner from your mates though.