Boy it’s a good year for board games. With the recent release of the Dark Souls board game, we have another on its way. Fallout is coming to your tabletops!


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is being published and made by Modiphius, who made other games like Star Trek: Adventures, Mutant Chronicles, and Conan. This will be the very first tabletop game to have the Fallout logo on. It will be released a bit later in the year in November.


In the game, players will assume the role of a team of survivors, scavenging and fighting for their place in the post-nuclear wasteland. There will be a host of iconic characters, factions, allies, enemies and even locations. Yep, places like Red Rocket Truck stop and Sanctuary Hills will be in the game. Players will fight and raid their way through iconic scenery and buildings, all to build a better home in the wastes.



The game will also include a full narrative campaign, as well as random and unique missions. Crew Caps recovered throughout missions will be used to upgrade perks, weapons and gear. You can even play PVP.

The models look really crisp, and the game can be played with a range of 3-30 models.

It sounds incredibly good.

Let’s just see if it can be implemented well.

Now we just wait and see!