Film Review: Trainwreck

There is no doubt that Trainwreck is in the line-up for one of the most hilarious yet romantically endearing films of the year. Starring Amy Schumer, a comedian known for her loud, charismatic personality, and Bill Hader, often recognised as the host of Saturday Night Live, it is clear that this film was going to be successful from the outset.

After witnessing her father cheat on her mother time and time again as a child, and being taught that monogamy is unrealistic, Amy (Amy Schumer) has never been able to imagine her life any other way. Spending the majority of her time drinking or sleeping around, without a single commitment, she somehow ends up falling for a client of hers, Aaron (Bill Hader) while on the job. Could this be the chance for her to turn her life around and move away from her father’s ideals?

This may sound like a typical rom-com, where boy meets girl and everything changes. Well, it is. However, it’s also a lot more than that. Thanks to Judd Apatow, the director responsible for other great comedies like Knocked Up, this film really does capture the modern day relationships that many people experience. Instead of the girl chasing after the boy, and finally winning over his attention, in this case Amy is the one who is scared of commitment and desperate to stick to what she knows, despite developing feelings. It’s a nice turn of events for once.

Another great aspect of this film is its soundtrack – from the likes of ‘She’s A Mystery To Me’ to ‘Jump Ya Body’ and even ‘Uptown Girl’, there really is something for everyone to sing along to. There are even multiple cameos from male sportsmen to keep the romcom-hating audience interested.

Possibly the most important addition to the film is Amy Schumer herself. Her ability to turn something that is often an awkward topic for many – such as sex, dirty talk or even taking drugs – into something so hilarious and realistic is absolutely spot on. So, if you enjoyed the bawdy humour in this film, then you will certainly enjoy her own TV show, Inside Amy Schumer.

If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely give it a watch.