They really need a different title for that, one that doesn’t take millennia to type out.

So, after celebrating its 1 million milestone, it seemed only fit I dive in and see what the fuss is about. What I discovered was… oddly addictive.

For those of you who don’t know, PUBG is a battle-royale game. You, along with 99 other players, are dropped onto a map, and the last one standing wins. It’s been a concept for games over the last few years, including Day-Z and H1Z1, and to some extent Rust. Having to fight for your place in the world constantly.

But PUBG doesn’t have the same pitfalls that the other games might have.

First, let’s talk performance.

The game is still in its early days, so some things can be forgiven, however, the frame rate tanks for some reason every now and then. The developers are aware of these problems, and are working a fast as they can to fix it. It’d be lovely to play it at 60FPS, because when it runs, it can look gorgeous.

The sheen on the guns, the detail in the landscapes, the clothing folds: everything looks great.

Now gameplay.

Probably the most important thing in any game involving guns is how they handle. How they feel in terms of things like recoil, power, and the overall feel of the weapons at hand. I must say I’m impressed with how polished the combat is. Firefights are tense and fast, and sound design is pretty good. There’s nothing more terrifying than hiding in a house with someone in the other room, you without a gun, and them with a pistol.

Which is weird. Because if you’re good enough you can actually avoid all contact until later on. You can spend a bit of time just gathering stuff like guns and ammo.

In my couple of hours of play I have only scored two kills, however the game has a learning curve. You don’t learn, you’ll die; find a scope or you’re done basically. You can have the best gun in the game but that doesn’t mean a damn thing if you don’t have a decent scope to see people with.

The closest to first I’ve come is 17, which isn’t bad for a noob.

It definitely needs more polish, but right now, it’s still incredibly enjoyable.

Solid 3-4/5