While it’s been mostly quiet on the topic of the upcoming Hellboy reboot staring David Harbour, we finally have some promo art popping up in the form of really big posters. The movie is set to arrive in early 2019.

The art was shared via co-star Milla Jovovich’s Instagram. The image was captured in Los Angeles, at Wiltshire Boulevard. It doesn’t use any imagery from the movie, but relies on the character in comic book form, in Mike Mignola’s signature style. Se simply captions it saying ‘The Blood Queen has risen. Hellboy 2019.’

The movie is scheduled for 11th January 2019 and will star Stranger Things actor David Harbour, Ian McShane as Professor Broom, and Resident Evil‘s Milla Jovovich. Directed by Neil Marshall, who recently worked on Game of Thrones and this month’s Lost In Space, it looks to be shaping up rather nicely.

While details of the movie are firmly under wraps, it was revealed that this isn’t an origin story. David Harbour said in a recent interview:

‘We kind of pick up the movie like we’re running and gunning. We do have a little bit of stuff where we show stuff, but it really is a story and you just drop in with this guy.’

Bloody hell Harbour, cool it on the specifics, will you? Don’t give the game away.

We jest, but perhaps the lowkey nature of this production is a good thing. Marketing for movies consists of the majority of that films’ lifetime now. With countless trailers, magazine coverage and news, it’s nice to have something niche just around the corner.